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No more juice cleanses or hours wasted searching for answers –
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Boost your energy, reduce inflammation,
and flatten your belly with real food!

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Perfect Paleo Pie Crust

This recipe comes from page 97 in my desserts cookbook Paleo Sweets. I recently modified the recipe so that it's paleo AND vegan-friendly, so everyone can enjoy their slice 🙂 This recipe makes 1 single pie crust, but you can easily double the recipe and either make a...

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Balsamic Honey Roasted Figs

Fresh figs are one of the oldest foods man has been known to eat - and it's no wonder! They're refreshing, lightly sweet, and pack a healthy fiber punch. Whether you're looking for a creative snack or an easy party appetizer these balsamic roasted figs are sure to...

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How To Recover From A Sugar Binge

Sugar is a wily one, and even those of who do our best to avoid it sometimes find ourselves falling into the sticky trap of overindulgence when it comes to the sweet stuff. Especially during holiday season, it can become even easier to find ourselves in the throes of...

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“Kelsey is an amazing, understanding and fun coach. After just one session with her, my motivation for healthy life was through the roof. I’m excited to keep up my new lifestyle… that just never happened until I met Kelsey.”

Fiona S.