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101 Gut Healing Foods - Kelsey Ale

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Thousands of people go to the doctor or seek nutritional consultation. They will spend A LOT of money, only to discover what I’m sharing in this FREE guide.

Different foods can affect your health both positively and negatively….but small adjustments can lead to big changes!

With this list of 101 foods, you’ll know exactly what to focus on and what to avoid without giving up the foods you love.

Get the information you need for FREE today to know exactly what to eat to improve digestion, reduce bloating, and build a healthy gut!

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P.S. This guide is only available for a limited time, so get it today before it’s gone!


Maintaining or repairing your gut health is the key to living a healthier life. This is not something you can do overnight and is an ongoing process. With this food list you will get a jump start on learning how to have a healthier body, and a healthier new you so that you can heal your gut and easily adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

About Kelsey

My name is Kelsey Ale and I am a certified nutritional therapist and a paleo chef.
I work with women who want real answers and effective solutions to their nutrition and health needs. They’re ready to be lead through a healing protocol that addresses the underlying cause of their symptoms so they can get rid of those symptoms for GOOD! 
One of the things I love most is watching the joy and energy return to them as they naturally heal their body and discover vibrant health. I’ve found that when a person uncovers that vibrant health within themselves when they feel fit and confident in their body, they engage with the world in a different way that lights up their life and the lives of those around them. 
In my opinion, nutrition & lifestyle are most inexpensive, easiest ways to transform your health so you can live a happy, vibrant life.

P.S. This guide is only available for a limited time, so get it today before it’s gone!

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