The Shop

by Kelsey Ale

I’ve been cooking and baking ever since I had my first Easy Bake Oven as a kiddo. Later in life I began creating recipes that support vibrant health using paleo, keto, and plant-based diets. You can enjoy all of my best recipes in these cookbooks and programs:

Paleo Sweets

Now You and Your Family Can Indulge in Decadently Delicious Paleo Sweets And Treats… Without Ruining Your Paleo Diet. Each recipe contains no refined sugar, gluten, processed grains, or soy – and almost all of them can even be made dairy-free!

My goal with the Paleo Sweets cookbook is simple. To provide the taste-bud-popping, nutritious recipes that satisfy cravings without wrecking your health.
Recipes that hit the sweet spot every single time…

Keto Sweets

Enjoy incredible fat-burning “Ketofied” recipes like mint chip ice cream, bacon filled chocolate, and favorites like chocolate chip cookie cake. Each recipe contains no sugar, gluten, processed grains, or soy. They’re paleo-approved, and almost all of them can even be made dairy-free or vegetarian friendly.

Best of all, each one has less than 10g of net carbs so you can stay in Ketosis no matter what. With the delicious recipes in Keto Sweets, you can FINALLY enjoy your favorite desserts while maintaining ketosis.

Keto Slow Cooker

This simple kitchen shortcut lets beginner Keto chefs cook delicious meals for their families AND save hours of time & energy every single night – get 80 slow cooker recipes that support fat-burning ketosis, absolutely FREE!

21-Day Keto Challenge Program

Achieve your dream diet goals with my beginner-friendly 21-Day Keto Challenge led by a certified nutritional therapist (me!). I’ve created an amazing Keto program that supercharges the body’s metabolism without giving up delicious foods like pizza, milkshakes, and even pancakes! Learn how to make Keto work for you the easy way.

In this program you’ll get…
• An exclusive keto recipe book
• Access to a private Facebook Group
• Pantry Staples Guide
• Macronutrient Equations & Keto-Paleo Foods “Cheat Sheet”
• Daily inspirational readings
• Weekly videos to keep you on track
• and much, much more!

Supplements I take every day:

Taking key supplements on a daily basis is an excellent way to boost your health and energy safely and naturally. In addition to a healthy diet, supplements can help you build your ideal healthy lifestyle by reducing inflammation, promoting good digestion and a healthy gut, and balancing your adrenals and energy levels.

These are a few of the key supplements I take every day to stay on top of my health and feeling great:



This high-quality fish oil is an excellent addition to any anti-inflammatory protocol, or to support brain health and general nervous system health. Take 2-3 daily.


Rhodiola is a gentle way to support a healthy stress response, good energy, and healthy adrenals if you’re feeling lethargic. Take 2 daily with breakfast.


These probiotics are spore-based (a.k.a. soil-based) and are better at surviving your digestive tract, making them more effective as a general probiotic. I use them daily. Take 1-2 with meals.


Collagen peptides are my fave protein powder. Add them to your smoothies, tea, coffee, or soups. Vital Proteins collagen is single source, grass-fed premium quality!


These are the best digestive enzymes I’ve found. Take Critical Digestion Digestive Enzymes to help your body efficiently break down carbs and fat for better digestion and less bloating. I use them daily – take 1-2 with meals.


Zinc is a mineral micronutrient that boosts immune function, supports healthy digestion by supporting proper stomach acid production, supports tissue healing, and supports eye health. Take 1 tablet per day.


Vitamin D is a key nutrient in supporting healthy bones, immune function and the production of hormones. Some studies suggest that as many as 70% of us are deficient. If you know you could benefit from taking vitamin D, take 1-2 drops daily.


(pronounced “fos-fa-tie-dill-see-reen”) is a phospholipid, or fat, found in brain cells. It helps regulate anxiety and cortisol levels and can be helpful to take daily if you experience chronic stress. Take 1-2 capsules daily.