2 Substitutes for Almond Flour That You Can Make at Home

In my Paleo Sweets Cookbook, a lot of the recipes use a combination of different flours including almond flour, arrowroot starch, and coconut flour. And one of the biggest questions that I get from people about those recipes is “what is a good substitute for almond flour?”

This is a consideration for myself as well because, after I wrote the cookbook I discovered that I was sensitive to almonds!

As I was creating the cookbook and testing out the recipes (aka eating lots of cake, cookies, and brownies) I was wondering why I was feeling so terrible all the time. Surprisingly, no, it wasn’t because I was eating too many sweets—it was simply because I was eating too much almond flour! Who knew?! I was thankful that I discovered the cause, but then I had to start finding substitutes for almond flour in all my recipes!

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Are Natural Sweeteners Better For You

Are Natural Sweeteners Really Any Better For You?

All foods in nature exist as a “complex,” meaning they come packaged together with many pieces, like vitamins and minerals. Your body uses these vitamins and minerals along with enzymes to digest the sugar. So, when you eat a natural sweetener, the need for enzymes and nutrients is filled by what’s in the sweetener, so your own stores stay intact. Your digestion of sugars is supported by what’s in these unprocessed sweet treats!

But when we refine these foods, the way we do with many sweeteners, we strip away all of the beneficial nutrients until we’re left with just the sugar. Without those vitamins and minerals, you are left depleted when you eat it since your body is forced to it’s own stores to aid digestion.

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Oven Roasted Whole Cauliflower Head (aka “Roasted Brains!”)

Oven Roasted Whole Cauliflower Head (aka “Roasted Brains!”)

Cauliflower has so many health benefits: it can help fight cancer, improve heart health, it’s rich in vitamins and minerals, improves digestion… the list goes on and on! But, it can get kind of boring when you’re just steaming it. Bland and boring veggies are never exciting to see on the dinner table!

Being inspired by Halloween, I decided to try a new take on cauliflower with my “roasted brains” recipe!

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What You Need to Know About S.A.D.

Do you ever notice that you start to feel blue around the same time each year? Right around the time when the days start getting shorter and the sun starts setting earlier. That’s due to a condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD, (how aptly named, right?). Over 3 million people experience S.A.D each year—it’s become so common that it’s now recognized by the DSM and is defined as “recurrent depressive disorder with a seasonal pattern.”

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Super Simple Homemade Salted Maple Almond Butter Cups

Just like everyone else, I love my nut butters. And chocolate? Don’t even get me started! So when I discovered how freakin’ simple it was to make homemade nut butter cups, you can bet I was addicted. Since then, I’ve started experimenting with new flavors and I’ve definitely found a winner with this one: salted maple almond butter cups.

The sweet and salty (but not too salty) combination is pure perfection. And the way the maple and almond flavors work together is just heavenly. Oh, and then cover it all in chocolate? Yeah. My mouth is watering just thinking about them!

Before you get started though… this is a perfect use for homemade almond butter! Have you tried making your own nut butters yet? If not, check out the instructions here. Again, super simple!

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Vegan & Paleo-Friendly Homemade Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

I have such fond memories of first discovering Nutella, I was travelling abroad and my host had a jar of this chocolatey goodness in their kitchen. One taste, and I was overcome with emotion—I was angry, because why had no ever revealed this greatness to me before?! And I was exquisitely happy, because, of course, Nutella is amazing!

Fast forward 15 years to having a greater awareness of how bad refined sugar is for you, (not to mention the refined oils found in the regular stuff), and I found myself yearning for that Nutella experience. But I was at a loss as to how to make my dreams come true without the negative side effects of the real deal.

Enter: Paleo Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, a.k.a “better than Nutella”.

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5 Dessert Ingredients That AREN'T Paleo and Perfect Swaps

5 Dessert Ingredients That AREN’T Paleo and Perfect Swaps

I love dessert (who doesn’t really?), but the problem that I run into is that even many homemade desserts call for ingredients that aren’t paleo-friendly! There’s NO WAY I’m going without dessert though. So, I had to find my way around it… even if it meant getting a little creative in the kitchen.

I was flipping through The Joy of Cooking looking for recipe inspiration, trying to find traditional recipes and then “paleo-fy” them. While browsing recipes, I found that there are 5 common non-paleo ingredients in most traditional desserts, and I thought I’d share my favorite paleo-friendly swaps for each one!

So, the next time you come across one of these ingredients in a recipe, you’ll know exactly what you can use instead!

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Top 3 Fruits for Fat Loss & Tips to Eat Them Right

You’ve probably heard about certain fruits that are great for fat loss, one of the most popular being grapefruit. While I’m not recommending you follow any of those celebrity fad diets or weight loss “secrets” out there (they’re dangerously low in calories), these fat-fighting fruits can be an excellent addition to your diet!

In order to see any sort of benefit, the fruits you’re consuming should be fresh, not dried, especially for losing 10 or more pounds. Why? Dried fruits have a higher concentration of sugar and more sugar = more fat retained! I also recommend skipping juices, they’re more concentrated in sugars with the fiber removed. Focus on whole, fresh fruit!

When eaten properly—that’s the key here—the fruits listed below can help you lose weight, but they also have so many other health benefits!

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Vitamin D: The Sunshine “Vitamin”

Vitamin D: The Sunshine “Vitamin”

Did you know that you’re a lot more like a plant than you realize? Not because you grow roots, and not because you have leaves or flowers, but because you actually have the ability to make one extremely vital nutrient out of sunlight, everyday. How’s that for cool?

The nutrient I’m talking about is called a “vitamin,” but it’s actually closer in structure and function to a hormone—it’s main jobs are to help you absorb calcium for strong bones and to boost your immune system to fight off illness.

The vital nutrient our body magically makes out of sunlight everyday is, of course, vitamin D.

It’s nicknamed the “sunshine vitamin” because our skin produces it when we’re exposed to UVB rays. When sunlight hits your skin, the UVB rays turn a type of cholesterol into vitamin D (just another reason we should get comfortable with the idea that we need cholesterol in our lives and in our bodies).

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