I love working with women just like you to help them feel amazing in their body and achieve vibrant health and happier life!

Whether you’re managing chronic symptoms or you’re wanting to up-level your health to 110%, you’ve come to the right place. Together we’ll create a plan that will help your body heal from the inside out so you can achieve real, lasting results.

Let’s get started, shall we?

What You Can Expect:

Lifestyle and mindset coaching to support your transformation

Resources and worksheets to support your journey

In-depth assessment to uncover the root of the problem

Accountability and support every step of the way

Guidance and hand-holding throughout the process

Custom supplement protocol

Custom meal plan

Objective testing that shows us exactly what’s going on inside your body

100% personalized healing plan created just for you

What You’ll Experience:

Weight loss (Imagine fitting into that dress you couldn’t even zip up before - now with room to spare!)

Better sleep and Clearer Skin

Feeling comfortable in your body

No more bloating (That’s right, flatter stomach here we come!)

No more embarrassing gas

Increased energy

Elevated confidence

Better focus and mental clarity

Better mood (You’ll remember what it’s like to be YOURSELF again - your relationships will improve and you’ll feel happier.)

Jump-Start Your Health:

The first step will be to run the Gut Health Test Panel and the MRT Food Sensitivity Test. Once both tests are submitted we can schedule our initial call and I will give you all the necessary paperwork to complete – this includes your 3-day food journal, in-depth health history questionnaire, and you will receive access to complete the online symptoms questionnaire.

After our initial 2-hour session and the subsequent follow-up call you will have the option to transition to either the 3-month or the 6-month package, which includes ongoing text and email support as well as bi-weekly check-in calls and adjustments to your protocol as your body heals itself.

Initial 2-Hour Consultation

In your Jump-Start Package we go deep to uncover exactly what’s going on inside your body. We take an in-depth look at your health history to begin to clarify the underlying causes of the symptoms you’re experiencing. We’ll review the symptoms questionnaire you’ll complete prior to our call and review your food journal to begin to make sustainable changes to your current nutrition routine. We’ll also go over the results of your tests and develop your custom nutrition plan and tailored supplement protocol.

Gut Health Test Panel

This comprehensive test gives us valuable insights into your digestion, which is the foundation of vibrant health. We will see how your body digests protein and fats, as well as how well your pancreas is supporting your digestion. We can identify internal inflammation and see if the small intestine or large intestine (or both) are being affected. We also see if there is any yeast, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic presence that needs to be addressed.

MRT Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivities are one of the top causes of inflammation in the body. This test gives us a detailed look at the foods that your body is reacting to by assessing your reaction to 170 different foods, spices, beverages, and food chemicals – this allows us to design an optimal nutrition plan for your body, inanition to helping us pick the right food-based supplements to support your healing.

Custom Nutrition & Meal Plan

We begin with a nutrition plan that’s tailored to your dietary needs – this comes from a combination of the results from the food sensitivity testing and any underlying gut issues that need to be addressed.

Tailored Supplement Protocol

We begin with a supplement protocol that hits exactly the right points when it comes to supporting your body’s healing processes. This protocol is the best initial start, and it will need to be adjusted as you move forward because your body will need different things during different phases of the healing process.

Lifestyle Recommendations To Support Well-Being

Holistic wellness addresses the whole person, not just one aspect. Lifestyle and stress have a direct impact on your health, so we will touch lightly on aspects of your daily routine that could be optimized to support your vibrant health.

One 30-minute Follow-Up Call

On our follow-up call we will review how the protocol is working out for you and discuss options for moving forward with our work together as you work through the protocol and transition into a maintenance plan.

The total investment for the Jump-Start Your Health Package is $987 and includes everything listed above.

Up-level Your Health (The 3-Month Package):

When you make the choice to Up-level Your Health, you’re charting your course for vibrant health and success. This is where we do the WORK together – I guide you, step by step, through the custom protocol we’ve designed to heal your body, and I stick by your side as we adjust and adapt the protocol to meet your changing needs.

I’ll be there for you every other week on our calls to coach and support your transformation from hurting to healthy. I’m also available via text, email, and phone for those unexpected questions that may come up between calls. You’ll get a comprehensive list of resources so you know where to easily find the right snacks, supplements, and ingredients for preparing health-supporting meals and erasing those pesky cravings. If you know accountability and ongoing support will help you rock your healing process, this is the package for you!  


  • Jump Start Initial Session & Package (See Above)
    • 2-hour initial session
    • Gut health test panel
    • MRT Food sensitivity testing
    • Custom nutrition & meal plan
    • Tailored supplement protocol
    • Lifestyle recommendations to support wellbeing


  • 6 bi-weekly check-in sessions
  • Ongoing lifestyle and mindset coaching
  • Resources List
  • Worksheets To Keep You on Track
  • Accountability
  • Special Gift (My Way of Saying Thank You)

The investment for the Up-level Your Health Package is $1787

*During our 3 months together you will also have access to ongoing email, text, and phone support, so if any questions come up between our sessions I am here to work through those with you.

*Results are unique to each person – just like our health needs vary from person to person, the results you experience will be exclusive to you.

“Kelsey did a full assessment on me and my body spending almost 2 hours on me. At the end of our testing she discovered that I wasn’t properly absorbing nutrients and therefore any type of ‘fix’ I would have been prescribed would not have worked to its fullest. So we started to heal this and I have to say many of those ailments that got temporary relief in the past, now have a permanent solution.”


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