Client success

Kind words, praise, and testimonials from my clients:

“I was battling gut issues for a while, until it landed me in the hospital after a particularly rough episode. With Kelsey’s Assessment and protocol, I feel healthier and happier than I’ve ever been.

After going through Kelsey’s recommended protocol, I have new definition for what self care means. My skin cleared up, my stomach stopped hurting, and I gained more mental clarity. In 6 months I’ve seen transformational changes in by body, mind, and spirit. 

I am eternally grateful for her guidance towards my self-healing!”

-Cal M

The biggest struggle I had before working with Kelsey was feeling overall malaise and achy joints.  

After testing we discovered that I actual had some infections in my gut and food intolerances that were causing inflammation.  

After I was put on a very specific gut protocol I was able to rid myself of my infections.  Also, with getting a better understanding on the foods that were causing my inflammation I was able to drastically reduce my joint pain and had a drastic increase in my energy levels. “


– Jordan V

“For years I’ve had issues with my stomach. According to quite a few people close to me I farted more than anyone they knew. The truth is basically I was in some sort of constant discomfort. I was always gassy, my stomach hurt after every meal, and I couldn’t remember the last time I had a solid stool. I’d also basically resigned myself to the idea that “life was just kind of uncomfortable”.


Kelsey definitely changed that.

Working with Kelsey helped me to not only understand how much the food I was eating was catalyzing the pain I was in, but she was able to help diagnose the source of my pains and discomforts! I had multiple parasites (I travel abroad for work), bacterial imbalances, and food sensitivities. Other doctors I’d seen just told me I had indigestion and would be fine, but Kelsey actually helped me to know what was really going on, and how to fix it!


Let me be 100% clear. The protocol  is HARD! BUUUUUT, it also changed my life!!! I felt bloated and uncomfortable everyday for years, and I looked bloated too, like my stomach look distended after every meal I ate…. but after working with Kelsey all my symptoms are gone!!!! I also now know what foods my body negatively reacts too so I feel super empowered about my food choices ( I still cheat and eat cheese sometimes… so many farts, but I now know before hand what I’m in for…).


Honestly after seeing multiple specialists for years, I’d kind of given up, but Kelsey helped changed my whole world. I’ve legitimately never felt better in my life. Long story short. I will be super hard, but she knows what she’s doing, so trust her, do exactly what she says and you’ll see a difference.”


-Ronny R.

“I had Idiopathic Angiodema (mouth/throat/tongue swelling) that my allergist could not figure out the cause. I had chronic sinus infections/ pressure and bleeding in my mouth. My dentist could not figure it out either. I also had an arthritic auto immune disease and I had acid reflux/IBS.


I learned so much from Kelsey about how foods affect they body. We did some food sensitivity tests and gut health tests that really shed some light on my problems. We learned I had a yeast overgrowth that was affecting my gut health. As we eliminated the foods that showed up as a sensitivity my mouth problems started to clear up! My sinuses were better and I no longer was bleeding in mouth nor did I have sores in my mouth. When we started on the gut protocol, my acid reflux started to get better and so did my IBS. I began to feel like I had control over my body. The biggest breakthrough I had was that my blood work came back normal with my Rheumatologist. My doctor said that my auto immune disease was in remission after 10 years of struggling with it!


I am continuing my work with Kelsey as we are now in the phase of reintroducing foods after my gut protocol. This is a tricky phase and Kelsey has been so helpful. I have been able to bring back foods that I have not been able to eat in years! I feel so much better. I am staying on a Paleo/AI diet for the long haul as this is what is working for me. My yeast overgrowth is gone, my mouth problems are gone and my auto immune disease is under control. My gut troubles are so much better and I feel stronger, healthier and happier. Kelsey really helped me understand what was going on in my body and explained why we did certain protocol. Food really does heal and I will forever be grateful for having the opportunity to work with Kelsey.”


-Toni K