The #1 Super Seed That Could Save Your Brain

The #1 Super Seed That Could Save Your Brain

Brain health is related to the way the rest of your body functions. You can eat what you consider to be a healthy diet, but if your brain isn’t functioning optimally the rest of your systems aren’t going to be able to “turn on” all the way. This affects how you absorb your nutrients, your metabolism, your energy!

The brain really needs healthy fats, something that seeds contain. But they also contain lignans, compounds found in plants that are fatty acids, that sometimes act as powerful antioxidants

The “super seed” we’re talking about today might be surprising. Do you think you know what it is?

Not chia, hemp, or flax…The super seed I’m talking about is sesame seeds.

The Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

Yes! Those tiny seeds that come on top of your hamburger buns.These powerful seeds contain 2 types of antioxidants, they’re called sesamin and sesamolin. Both of these compounds have amazing impacts on brain health because of their function as antioxidants. They may even help you burn fat specifically from your liver and help with recovery from type 2 diabetes!

Sesame seeds also have general “neuroprotective effects,” meaning it protects the neurons in your brain from dying and from shrinking. It does this by increasing blood flow to the brain so they get all the nutrition, all the oxygen, all the glucose they need to function and fire properly.

These amazing seeds can also help protect against degeneration that causes Parkinson’s disease!

How Can You Reap These Benefits?

We’re all losing brain cells all the time and there’s not much that we can really do about it. It’s just part of life, and normal everyday wear and tear has this effect. And there is no real quick fix solution to build more brain cells or make you a genius overnight—although wouldn’t that be great?!

What we need to focus on is enhancing and supporting an environment that maintains the brain cells we do have.

Here’s what I recommend: Take 500-800mg of sesamolin per day, as much as you need to be able to feel an effect.

You have two options. Option 1 is organic cold pressed sesame seed oil (3-4 tablespoons a day, put some in your smoothie, dress your chicken or steak with it or toss your vegetables with it (after cooking, never cook with this oil). Or option 2 is that you can buy sesame seed oil capsules that have concentrated sesamolin.

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